NAB 2017: the cloud will kill half of us and save the rest

At NAB 2017, I presented at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC) following up the subject of my post-IBC blog on the impact of cloud and as-a-service on broadcast and media technology vendors.

Many of you asked for a copy of the presentation slides, and they are available here along with a YouTube video which takes the audio recording of the session (recorded on my iPhone on the lectern) with the slides.

Session Overview

Our industry is transforming fundamentally. The biggest disruption is not the transition to IP, OTT, nor the lift-and-shift of on-premise applications to the cloud, but a much more fundamental change to the way broadcast technology is consumed.

It’s about services that are on demand, used only when they’re needed. Able to scale up and scale down at a moment’s notice. With no capital outlay or huge implementation projects. And always up to date.

Traditional NAB vendors must revolutionize their approach to designing, marketing, packaging and selling their products – or face extinction.

In this session we see examples of how buyers are changing behavior, and review best-practice cases of vendors who are responding with truly innovative, elastic, on-demand services. Most importantly we examine what all broadcast and media technology vendors must do to survive.

IBC365 article

A new article I’ve written based on the NAB 2017 Conference Session, The cloud will kill half of us… and save the rest is now published exclusively on IBC 365.

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