Secrets of implementing successful technology projects

Even with the best technology in the world, there’s a worryingly high failure rate of media technology projects. For every high-profile disaster like the BBC’s Digital Media Initiative, there are dozens of projects that never get off the ground, fail to deliver on their promises, or struggle to gain user acceptance. Business transformation leaders share the secrets of their success, how they’ve learned from failures, and why embracing digital transformation must start and end with the people who are at the sharp end. They will discuss:

  • The importance of effective change management and business transformation as a core part of every successful technology project
  • Why big technology projects fail
  • How modern broadcast and media technology initiatives should be managed
  • The critical success factors for implementing successful new ways of working

Rob Ambrose produced and moderated this session at IBC 2019 with a great line-up of experienced technology leaders who’ve delivered complex projects and have the scars to prove it.

  • Caroline Ewerton, Head of Operational Delivery – DAZN
  • Jim Dobel, Partner – Q5
  • Thomas Jacques, Chief Technology Officer – TF1 le Groupe
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