Rights and royalties vendor shortlisting for leading professional publisher

The challenge

A leading academic and scientific publisher recognised its transition to digital business was being impeded by obsolete business systems used for managing rights sales and processing royalty payments to authors. Legacy systems were no longer fit for purpose and serious performance issues impacted finance operations daily. Faced with a dilemma between investing hundreds of thousands of euro in shoring up the existing technology, buying new platforms off-the-shelf, or building a custom solution in-house, the VP of IT strategy wanted a comprehensive understanding of the options and an impartial assessment of the best approach.

The solution

High Green Media delivered two assignments to assess the market for rights sales systems, and for royalties management platforms. Comprehensive market assessments were carried out, looking far beyond the obvious choices in each product category to identify a new generation of more innovative suppliers able to add value and agility to the publisher’s operations. Each vendor’s business and product was assessed for its suitability, enabling a highly-focused shortlist to be drawn up for procurement. Additionally the operational and economic impact of buy vs. build was carefully analysed, enabling the technology team to proceed confidently with the most suitable strategy.