Television Tribes for NAGRA with Ampere Analysis

High Green Media worked with Ampere Analysis and NAGRA to produce a high-quality data-driven white paper as the basis of a NAGRA marketing campaign launched November 2017.

It is generating extensive news coverage across the trade press thanks to the combination of creative input and solid data analysis, including…

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Broadband TV News: Television Tribes – The Secret to Driving and Maximizing Pay-TV

Broadband Technology Report: NAGRA Survey ID’s ‘Television Tribes’

TBI Vision: Pay TV and OTT: when two tribes go to watch

European Communications: Embrace shades of grey to better serve TV, video customers, report says

MESA Alliance: Nagra Study: Different TV Viewers Have Different Needs

NAGRA’s summary of the paper…

Despite the onslaught of OTT video platforms, existing cable, satellite and IPTV operators will dominate the pay TV market for the foreseeable future. But with growth stalling in many markets, new strategies are needed to attract and retain customers and avoid revenue-crushing price wars.

Download our latest report on “Television Tribes,” a new study developed in partnership with UK-based research firm Ampere Analysis, that unveils pay-TV consumer viewing types and how pay-TV operators can unlock new revenue opportunities by catering to their complex needs.

In this latest report, you will learn about:

  • The five main pay-TV consumer types, including the ‘Content Connoisseur’, the most valuable TV Tribe
  • Strategies pay-TV operators can use to cater to new consumer demands through a compelling mix of content, user experience and technology
  • The top ten actions pay-TV operators can take to defend their positions in a new pay-TV era, including skinny bundling